Greetings Internet folk. I signed up for this a while back with the intention (mainly) of posting my weekly musings of the NFL which I have been writing for the last couple of years but I never got round to it. I’ve finally decided that it’s time to make this available to any poor sod who wants it. Starting at the logical time in the season the first one will land on these very pages just in time for week 12 of the regular season. When would you have started?


I’m probably also going to throw up some other random musings about other sports so there isn’t a big empty gap after Super Bowl 50.


This also might make it a little easier to share for the main reader of this (you know who you are – Dave!) and for people to either congratulate me when I make spot on observations or, more likely, throw abuse my way for picking the Packers when they were clearly going to lose at home for the first time since 1991 to the 1-7 Lions! Seriously, if you bet on Detroit last week, well done! I thought a ragtag band of one legged Kenyans and a couple of hermit crabs could have beaten the Lions this season. Sometimes strange things happen in this league and that’s one of the main reasons I love it so. Behind all the crap that goes on it’s a great sport.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you make a few quid. Feel free to shout back to me. Game on!


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