Championship Weekend

Quick apology. I had a nice big blog which went into more detail but, for one reason or another I lost it. You’ll miss the sum up. I’m sure most of you don’t give a fuck but I enjoy writing them and they are important for the next week. Bits will pop up anyway.

Right. The winners this week go to the biggest game in football. Here we go… in a post sponsored by Don Julio tequila….



Both teams squeezed in against teams they probably should have destroyed. New England looked much stronger against KC when Brady had his full compliment of receivers. Gronk got a pair of touchdowns and Edelman got first down after first down (as he does) while Amendola was a constant threat. Denver are still reliant on the defense as Manning goes through his arthritis tour!

A couple of years ago he fooled everyone putting up huge passing yardage numbers before completely choking in the big game! Arm weakness and poor decision making has him done for me. Almost twice as many picks as TDs sums up Peyton this year, even with Osweiler calling the shots Denver haven’t had a deep threat all year. Too many dropped passes and not enough separation. Expect New England to close ranks and protect against the run. These teams have totally different ways of winning games, I pick the strong offence (Pats) to overcome the strong defence (Broncos) as they did last week.

Pats are favoured by 3… Brady doesn’t have a great record at Mile High but I expect a W this week!



The two best teams in the NFL meet at 11.40pm and you all wanna watch this! Unless Palmer was showing his nerves last week and this turns into a Carolina slaughter!

Palmer is fighting off a dislocated finger and it has really affected his throwing style and, obviously, his completion rate. He looked like a starstruck Kaepernick against Green Bay but without the rushing yards! Hopefully (for Arizona fans) that was jitters while he looked for his first ever playoff win at age 36! Against the team with the most picks in the league he needs to be careful, especially with Arians love of big plays. I think the running game will be diminished slightly. Arizona have struggled to open lanes recently and against a strong run defence that might show.

Carolina have a good shout of a big win here, Newton as a duel threat QB will worry Arizona. They might have a good example of one in their division with Russell Wilson but Newton is a little different in how he rushes. Blitzes (which Arizona are fond of) don’t really work against someone as physical as Newton for a full game. Arians can only hope Cam is trying to stay healthy for the Super Bowl (I doubt it!) and hope the all out approach works,



Patriots and Panthers win.

Pats & Panthers -3

Betvictor offering 4/1 on a J Stewart or Newton 1st TD scorer is decent value.


Good luck all, enjoy the games and maybe I’ll post what was the original blog if you give half a shit eh?!


(not at all) Sponsored by Don Julio Anejo Tequila



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